about figuring out melody

Figuring Out Melody offers practical ways to level up your melodic skills. If you’ve tried other approaches, you know they tend to offer broad generalizations or shortsighted details based on picky rules. But not here.

Here’s our basic approach.

Every melody divides naturally into sections, phrases, gestures, intervals, and single notes. We start by showing how to master the melodic gesture from a number of angles. The melodic gesture is of comparable importance to a composer as perfecting a swing is to a golfer or knife skills are to a chef.

Once you’re aware of what melodic gestures are and do, you’ll be able to listen to any melody and figure out what its maker did to make it hover, swoop, explode or shake its fist. And you’ll know how to adapt those effects to use in your own melodies.

In other words, you’ll have the keys to melodic expression at your fingertips.

Expect to see improvements in your melodies right away. But full mastery takes time. Just rest assured that with FOM, you’ve found a dependable pathway to reach your goals.