Download the 3-Note Scale Exercises for FREE!

The instructions for each exercise will guide you as you replace the "ghost notes" (in light blue) with 3-Note Scales.  

Here’s what you’ll see:

And when you add your notes it will look something like this:

Once you get the gist of each technique, you can use it in your own songs!

To compose on paper:

Print out this 3-Note Scale Exercises.pdf and you’re good to go! Just use a dark pencil to write over the ghost notes.

To compose on a tablet:

Download these graphic files and open them with a drawing program. For PC, use the 3-Note Scale Exercises.jpg. For Macs, use the 3-Note Scale Exercises.tiff.

To compose in a DAW or music software program:

Download the MIDI files + PDF.

NOTE: It’s not possible to provide instructions nor ghost notes in a MIDI file, so you’ll need to refer to the .pdf as you compose on the computer.