5 Ways to Make a Melody More Memorable

Research in advertising and psychology has identified key qualities that make any idea memorable. In this video, I use “Eleanor Rigby” and an unforgettable  Christmas carol to demonstrate how you can adopt these qualities to make your melodies more memorable.

How to Approach Melody in an Entirely New Way #1 Melodic Figures

When we compose, we all have a tendency to think one note at a time. This video offers another alternative and demonstrates how it will prove powerful in your music-making.

How to Approach Melody in an Entirely New Way: IntroductionMelody has been around as long as human beings have. Can it really be true that there are still new things to discover? Watch this series, and you’ll be convinced that there are!

Stop Getting Stuck!

In this video, you’ll see why the six most common ways to compose a melody have a built-in flaw that is likely to lead to getting stuck. You’ll also learn a (new) seventh method that you can use on its own, or whenever you get stuck using one of the other methods.
How to Compose a MelodyAnyone can compose a melody using this basic method, adapted from Chapter One of the Figuring Out Melody eBooks. Keep in mind that what you see here is just a starting point. The next 300+ pages show many ways to revise and build upon whatever you sketch.
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