What is a Melodic Figure, Really?

All the existing definitions of “melodic figure” point to something more vital than they themselves identify. Discover what has been missing all this time.

6 Ways to Control a Melodic Figure

All the music you know is made from just 24 melodic figures. Is that even possible? Let me show you, and in the process, you’ll find new ideas for your next song!

fundamentals of melody

The 3 Core Principles of Melody

This addresses the source of ENERGY in melody: harnessing its interior vitality. Here, the focus is on meter – the most powerful force in music.

melodic building blocks are like legos

Melodic Building Blocks: Musical Legos?

Irving Berlin wrote over 1500 songs, the scores for 20 original Broadway musicals, and 15 Hollywood films, including White Christmas. Here’s how he described composing: By “the old

musical meter

Melody, Meter, Meaning, and Momentum

Principle #2 in the series, “The 3 Core Principles of Melody.”
Musical meter is deeply intuitive. And it’s so closely tied to our physical bodies that even babies and many animals respond to it. Doesn’t it make sense that meter would be a key to understanding music?

But by and large, it is RARE to find anyone who talks about meter.
I believe that this is a grave oversight.

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

In 1980, a rock band called The Police recorded a song about a raging infection and the social distancing it required. “Don’t Stand So Close

music analysis necessary

Why Analyze Music?

I get asked this question A LOT. It seems that many people see analysis as a purely mental exercise that’s more likely to spoil music