Private Coaching

If you would like to take your music to the next level, I am confident that I can help you. I’ve taught composition in college classes, workshops, and private studio for over 30 years at institutions that include the Berklee School of Music, University of Iowa, Brandeis University, and Calvin College.

I feel honored to have had so many opportunities to work with such talented students on film music projects, string quartets, popular songs, choral works, and more. 

Each student has brought new questions. His or her desire to grow their talents and experiences has challenged me to reconsider my own anew.

And I love this!

Look through the list of skills below. Which ones describe your strengths? Where might you need to grow?

  • melodic fluency and expression
  • inventiveness and imagination
  • ability to develop ideas
  • formal clarity
  • achieving variety from piece to piece
  • accompaniments and bass lines
  • effective harmonic progressions
  • voice leading
  • counterpoint
  • effective analysis that leads to insight
  • instrumentation and orchestration
  • approach to revision
  • work ethic / more effective composing sessions
  • making and integrating observations from other music

If you feel ready to grow and can commit to the work required, please use the form below to contact me.