Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
meter (noun)
a) systematically arranged and measured rhythm in verse
(1) rhythm that continuously repeats a single basic pattern - iambic meter
(2) rhythm characterized by regular recurrence of a systematic arrangement of basic patterns in larger figures - ballad meter
b) a measure or unit of metrical verse - usually used in combination pentameter compare foot 4
c) a fixed metrical pattern verse form
the basic recurrent rhythmical pattern of note values, accents, and beats per measure in music
meter (noun)
one that measures , especially an official measurer of commodities
meter (noun)
the base unit of length in the International System of Units that is equal to the distance traveled by light in a vacuum in second or to about 39.37 inches - 1/299,792 see metric system table
meter (noun)
an instrument for measuring and sometimes recording the time or amount of something - a parking meter a gas meter
- postage meter , also a marking printed by a postage meter
meter (verb)
transitive verb
to measure by means of a meter
to supply in a measured or regulated amount
to print postal indicia on by means of a postage meter
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
meter (noun)
the recurrent pattern formed by a series of sounds having a regular rise and fall in intensity
beat, cadence, measure, meter
accent, accentuation, emphasis, stress; backbeat; drum, throb; lilt, movement, sway, swing; hexameter, pentameter, tetrameter, trimeter
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