Every Melody You Know Comes From Just 24 Melodic Figures

melody is made from patterns

Melody relies on patterns. Every string of notes that listeners accept as a melody is full of them! These musical patterns – a.k.a. “melodic figures” – are present in countless other melodies. For over 30 years, I’ve cataloged melodic figures by shape, type, and behavior. Expect to see a “Field Guide to Melodic Figures” for composers soon. Think of this list of the 24 melodic figures as a preview to that book. 

I’ve already written and spoken about the 24 figures in blog posts, videos, and my eBook Figuring Out Melody. I welcome questions, concerns, and most of all, notes of encouragement.


the 24 melodic figures

written to project C major harmony

Here’s what I mean by “inflexible” shapes. 12 figures have an arpeggio (broken chord) for a frame. Start an arpeggio on a different chord tone, and the size of the intervals between its notes changes. Not so with the other 12 figures, which rely on a less flexible framework.

To see a few of these figures in action, start here:


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Want to go further?

Each chapter in this 300-page eBook will help you observe what music makers do intuitively. The examples break everything down into step-by-step instructions so you can create the same effects in your own music.

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David Fuentes

David Fuentes

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